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Drone warfare — convenient killing? Talk on 2 October 2013

A talk by Chris Cole, Wednesday  2 October, 19:00, Ludlow Methodist Church 

Drones (‘unmanned aerial vehicles’) were developed in the 1990s by the United States Air Force for military operations, initially for reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting purposes but subsequently for direct missile attack. In the aftermath of 9/11 the first operational armed drone strike in Afghanistan took place, when a CIA-operated Predator drone attacked al-Qaeda leader Mohammed Atef. According to media reports, Atef was killed along with seven other people. Since that time the use of armed drones has risen, slowly at first but then more dramatically, to the point where drone strikes are a frequent and regular occurrence. This new dimension of warfare raises crucial questions of ethics, law, politics and military practice, which will be explored in Chris’s talk.

Chris Cole is co-author of Convenient killing: armed drones and the playstation mentality, secretary of the Drones Campaign Network and maintains the Drone Wars UK blog on  Chris has been invited to speak by Ludlow Quakers as part of National Quaker Week 2013, 27 September-6 October.

Admission is free, with a retiring collection.

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