Meeting House Garden open 26-27 July 2014

The World in our Garden 2014

The Meeting House Garden will be open as part of the Ludlow Small Gardens event over the weekend of 26-27 July: Saturday 26th from 12.0 – 6.0; Sunday 27th from 12.30 – 6pm

In a world full of strife and tension we have much to learn from plants. Plants know no boundaries, they can adapt to different conditions, they flourish with (or sometimes even without) the right nurturing. For thousands of years the human race has relied on them for food and medicine  and has been inspired and delighted by their  beauty and variety;  we also now understand  how  plants are essential not only for us but for all forms of life.

Garden in summer 2014

Garden in summer 2014

This year, following in the footsteps of the celebrated Quaker botanists of the 18th and 19th centuries, we have brought together a wide variety of plants, some familiar, some  less so, which have been cultivated for their usefulness to mankind. Their  diverse origins demonstrate  the extraordinary global interchange that has taken place over the centuries. Herbs native to warm Mediterranean lands have acclimatised themselves in northern Europe. Fruit and vegetables which are now commonplace were once exotic  wonders brought to Europe by the explorers of the Americas in the 16th century. Plants range from the Tomatillo from Mexico, the Acocha,  a ‘lost crop of the Incas’ and the ’Trail of tears’ Cherokee Black bean’,  to New Zealand Spinach, and a dramatic  squash cultivated in Japan which now decorates our water butt. Every plant has its own story and  often a long history of medicinal uses.  We indicate some of their histories in our map display and our plant list.

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