Some people who use the Meeting House

The Meeting House is currently used by groups for meditation, talks and discussion, complementary therapies, and music.

One group is ‘Rhythm Rascals’. These music sessions are run by a qualified music therapist with over ten years experience of working with children through interactive music. The groups meet on Thursday mornings when children can explore the world of music-making and movement in a supportive and safe environment. Experience of making music at a young age can help to develop physical, communication and social skills in a fun way. The pre-school session for children aged 2-4 runs from 9.30 to 10.30 am, followed by the baby session for 0-2 year olds from 10.45-11.30 am. For further details please contact Catherine Brown on 01584 875659, or just turn up!

Meditation and Mindfulness Drop-in classes are run by Jangchub Ling Buddhist Centre
Tel: 01384 569956  email  Website;
These classes are held on Friday lunchtimes, 1:00  – 2:30
with Kadampa teacher Mandy Nicol.
Meditations from the Buddhist tradition for everyone.  Classes consist of guided meditations and advice on how to use meditation to find calm in our busy daily lives.
£6 per class / £3.50 unwaged (retired, unemployed etc.).
Attend the series or drop in for individual classes.
13th January; Inner & Outer Problems
Meditative practice begins with appreciating the difference between outer and inner problems. Learn how to empower your mind with this insight.
20th January; Where Our Problems Come From
If we know where our problems, or bad feelings come from, then we can do something about it. Discover more in this class.
27th January; How to Heal Your Mind
Healing is not a quick fix, but a journey. Explore inner paths to blissful destinations in this class.
3rd February; How to Mix Your Mind With Peaceful States
Developing the ability to abide in positive states of mind is core to successful meditation practice. It is a skill we can use our whole life to develop; through doing this we will definitely become a happier person.
10th February; How to Help Others Through Helping Yourself, & How to Help Yourself Through Helping Others
Compassion is perhaps the most powerful mind we have. Because it is core to our nature developing it is deeply healing, both for ourselves and those around us. Explore how to develop a harmonious relationship between yourself and others in this class.
17th February; How to Develop Lasting Peace
 Ignorance is the cause of all pain. Only through removing our ignorance of our own true nature can we attain the lasting peace and happiness we desire. This is entirely within our power! Discover Buddha’s insight into this most profound, practical and powerful teaching in this class.